Restaurant Design: Il Milione, Hong Kong



IL Milione is the first Asian restaurant for Michelin-starred chef Marco Gubbiotti, and serves Italian food in a luxurious Hong Kong setting. With a low ceiling and little natural light inside it was important to ensure a suitable level of ambient lighting for lunchtime diners, as well as creating the environment for fine dining. A key element of the brief was to create a dramatic impression through lighting design – a ‘wow’ factor.


The design is based around creating a layered scheme. Concealed architectural LED’s provide a base layer of warm white light, with a number of bespoke feature lights designed by into suspended over key surfaces. The theatre is in the main restaurant – bespoke illuminated dome-shaped spinnings cover the entire ceiling and house concealed LED light sources and mirrors. This light effect gives the impression of increased ceiling height.


A DMX dimming system was specified for all LED lighting to be dimmed smoothly and to a very low level in the evening. The design of various bespoke pieces creates a dramatic environment. The restaurant has been awarded a michelin star, was a winner at the 2014 International Design and Architecture Awards in the Restaurant category and was shortlisted in the lighting design category at the Restaurant And Bar Design Awards in 2013.

This text originally appeared on the into lighting website –


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