Falcon Enamelware, The Gourmand


Falcon Enamelware, established 1920, can be warmly referred to as an icon of British tableware. Having become lost in the world of modern kitchen essentials, these simple and durable designs are now facing a rebrand to be realised as the timeless pieces that they are. A collaboration between designers Kiwi & Pom, Morse Studio and entrepreneur Peter Hames has provided a bold rebranding for the 21st century. Included in this has been the introduction of new colour ways – Pillarbox red and Pigeon grey add a new edge (literally) to the collection-, a ‘falcon in flight’ logo stamped onto each item brings a sense of authenticity, and a general new visual identity together with a well chosen traditional blue-rimmed font establishes a sleek but noticeably grounded brand. “It’s exciting to work with such an iconic product; enamel as a material gives us great scope for new forms and vivid colours.” say design studio Kiwi & Pom, who have produced an electric disco chair for Wallpaper* and phones for Hulger amongst other things. Well-versed in creating polished, versatile looks suiting to the clientele, their mark on the Falcon Enamelware rebranding has brought a classic British style and elegance needed to elevate the product.

Falcon Enamelware embodies ‘functional elegance’ – made from a base of heavy-gauge steel and coated in glass, it can withstand temperatures of up to 270°C making it suitable for oven or table. The packaging too has taken on this simple but effective basis of functionality and design; corrugated cardboard keeps ideas of utility at the forefront paired with a rational, two-colour screen print of the product. Everything from the bespoke typeface, to the overhead illustrations and art direction references the product’s iconic blue rim. “We wanted to remain true to both the form and the heritage of the product; all of the visual elements started from there” says Hugh Morse, founder of Morse Studio. References to the product’s heritage play a role, but with a contemporary interpretation. As Peter Hames puts it “Together we hope to put Falcon Enamelware back where it belongs at the centre of the modern home”.

The Gourmand chose to approach this bespoke advert in a way that reflected Kiwi & Pom’s idea of bringing “a genuine classic up to date” and created a bespoke design in collaboration with Falcon Enamelware. The inventive floral styling provided by Nik Southern and Grace&Thorn has brought the product to life with edible flowers, and a delicately placed floral cabbage or two. Soft colours with touches of dark purples and greens is complimentary to the range. Finally, the photography of Benjamin McMahon has produced a shot in which Falcon enamelware decorates just enough of the page, for understated elegance.

Written for The Gourmand


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